Facebook Chatbot

Don’t miss out on this amazing new opportunity for your business!

What is Facebook chatbot and why do I need it as a business?

If you want the answer in a tweet then Facebook chatbot is basically a “robot” that you program and attach to your Facebook page to help your customers to find products, answer questions, calculate costs or help them navigate around everything you have to offer.

How the chatbot works is that you program it in advance to make the chatbot do certain things whenever your customers perform a certain action in their Facebook messenger. For example you can program the bot to ask your customers questions like “What’s your favorite color?” the customers then writes their favorite color and then gets tagged “blue” in the bot.

Whenever you then source a product that’s blue you will then be able to send out a marketing message to people who only like blue directly to their Facebook messenger. The real time data you can collect with this tool is absolutely amazing and it’s probably one of the best things you can invest in when it comes to your business as it allows the customers to engage with you on a totally different level if you for example compare it to email marking.

The open rates with a good chatbot lands on around 80-90% compared to the 15-25% open rates you have with email marketing meanwhile the conversion rates lands 15-30% with chatbot and 1-3% when you’re using email marketing. The numbers speaks for themselves and it’s a no-brainer for the serious business owner who wants to elevate marketing to get more revenue.

Today customers don’t only want a good product or service, they want to be able to connect and engage with you as a business and this is why a chatbot helps excel your online presence and therefore your revenue. Studies have shown that people are 53% more likely to buy from a business that they can easily connect and engage with to help their buying decisions. Facebook chatbot does not only allow you to create complex and tailor-made funnels to help guide your customers but it also allows you to send out promotional material directly to your customers Facebook messenger which is key to today’s marketing. You want to market to people where they are not where you think they ought to be.

Email marketing is losing its value more and more as people’s mailboxes are becoming increasingly overcrowded and spammy. This of course also makes people more cautious about opting in on websites meanwhile it’s easier to opt in to a chatbot and the process is causes way less friction for the end user. The user loves this experience since the journey is instantaneous and much more conversational than the endless emails. This allows them to go at their own pace with a few button clicks. I’m not saying that email marketing is dead but what I’m trying to say is that a new season of Game of Thrones is out and you just gotta see it!

You have my curiosity but what can I expect by using this amazing tool?

Well, this a little bit tricky question to answer exactly without talking to your in person but what I can say is this. The Facebook chatbot allows you to create and tailor your funnels according to your goals with the end user in mind. If you want more leads to your business then we will setup the chatbot in a certain way. If you want to sell more products or services then we set it up in another way. If you simply want to create a better customer experience then we will create a different bot. No matter what kind of bots you want to create you will be able to collect information in real time from your customers. Age, location, language, specific interests, you name it! All these different features makes this tool a deadly marketing weapon you definitely want in your arsenal when you’re competing with other businesses in your niche and as I said before, the stats are stunning if you compare it to other ways of marketing.

Hmm…. This sounds cool but how can I implement this into my business?

Thank you for eerm… Asking. There are a numbers of different ways to implement this bot into your business and since you’re asking so nicely I’m going to tell you the different ways you can implement it.

1. You can attach it your facebook page

This allows the user to easily get in touch with you bot by simply clicking the “Chat” button on your facebook page and then by clicking “Start now”, once someone press “Start Now” a starting sequence will be sent to the customer and they will instantly be engaging with your bot to find what they’re looking for. This can help them find products, help them with most frequently asked questions etc.

2. Comment to message

This feature is really cool, what you can do is that you create a facebook post where you say something like “I’ve just created this amazing mini-course on how to get started with yoga, all you have to do to receive it is comment something in the comment field and I’ll send it directly to your Facebook Messenger”. When someone then comments, a message will then be sent to their facebook messenger with instructions on how to get the mini-course and they gets subscribed to your messenger list. You can even create a quiz for your audience and then choose a winner!

3. Paid advertising

Yes you heard right! Facebook even allows you to create ads with your chatbot! Isn’t that amazing? You don’t have to create the old boring ads if you don’t want to. You can create an engaging ad that will simultaneously lower you adcost since the engagement will be higher than on a normal ad.

4. By using a landing page.

This feature is really simple and it works like any landing page where you sent traffic to it and people opt with a few simple clicks and the sequence of your choosing starts.

5. Facebook “QR-code”.

You don’t have to restrict the way you use a chatbot to online alone, with this relative new feature facebook has released you are now able to market to people offline. What you can do this is that you can setup this code inside your store for example and say to your customers that if they want a 10-15% coupon code all they have to do is scan the “QR”-code and the coupon will be sent directly to their mobile phone, or they just show that they’ve subscribed and you give them the discount. Another cool way you can use this is that you print it on your business card. So when you meet a possible prospect you pull up your card and let them scan the code and they will be taken through an interactive journey to see if they’re a good fit for your business

6. URL-Ref.

This is kinda simple, you can create link that starts the bot sequence so for example if you want to migrate your old boring email list to your new chatbot all you have to do copy the link into the email you’re sending and if they click on it they will be subscribed to your bot.

7. Website overlay embeds.

What this allows you to do is to create a simple overlay where ever you want on your website to easy catch all the traffic that is already going through your website much like an opt in.

This tool sounds almost too good to be true… The problem is that I’m still not sure how this would benefit my business.

No worries darling, I won’t leave you hanging when you’ve read this far! Now that you know the different ways you can implement this tool into your online and offline structure I’d like to tell you about some of the marketing strategies you can use to make the user excited so they want subscribe to your bot!

1. Lead Magnet

The first and foremost way this tool can be used in your business is to find leads that fits your business. You can give away something for free and then later on check in and see if they’re interested in your products, services or coaching. This is an excellent way to both prepare and make sure your leads suits your criteria for a good customer. Maybe you meet a possible prospect in the street and you pull up your business card like a boss and let them scan the “QR-code” and you contact them later when they’re done qualifying themselves and they’re ready for your sales pitch.

2. Webinar Signups

This is a perfect way to sell anything online, whether it’s a product, service or a course. First of all you choose your implementing strategy and then you choose what you want to give the user when they’ve completed the sequence. In this case it’s a webinar where you teach them about health and in the end you promote your new supplement. What you can do is that you create a link, the person clicks the link and gets subscribed to the sequence quick and painfree. The bot then sends out 3-4 messages with tips on how to improve on their health to get the user warm and ready to say “Yes, I want to join the webinar”. The bot can then send out a message 30 min before the webinar and tell them to jump on and then send a replay the next day incase they missed the webinar where you promote what you’re trying to sell at the end of it.

3. Online Training

One of the most profitable things to sell online these days are online courses, we have moved from an age where people were stuck in “survival mode” to an age where people want to invest. Especially in themselves and this is a great opportunity for you to give them a small mini-course for free before you send them a couple of messages and then sell them on the main-course. $$$

4. Coupon codes and offers

If you’re selling products, what you can do is create an overlay on your website and when they subscribe you send them a coupon code and promise to deliver them offers in the future that is tailored to them. This is a simple but effective way to get people on your list so you can market to them in the future and increase your revenue.

5. Coaching

Free is a word that sounds like music to most people and why shouldn’t it be the case when it comes to the dance between the coach and the coached. Why not offer a free 30 min coaching call on one of your facebook posts? 30 min might sounds like much in your ear but what is 30 min if you’re able to sell them on a 1h coaching call each week or month?

I like what you’re saying but I want a more exclusive bot…

Then you’ve come to the right place, we cannot only create all of the bots above but we can create more complex bots with a little bit of focus and thought power. If you want a more exclusive bot I suggest you try to contact us so we can see if it’s possible for us to create that for you. Anyhow, here are some bots that we can show to get your imagination going.

1. Quiz

Whatever niche you’re in you are probably able to create a quiz for an end goal you have in mind. Whether this is a personality quiz for or a simple quiz with questions that the user is supposed to get right we can solve that for you.

2. Wheel of fortune

This bot is a bot that I, the writer of this text find really cool. Imagine having a tab on your website that says “Wheel of fortune”, first of all that tab will instantly get the viewers attention. When they then go to the tab you say something like. “This is our new Wheel of Fortune, here you have the chance to either win a coupon code or a free product!” The user then subscribes to the bot by clicking a button. The bot is then setup in a way that there is for example 60% chance they’ll receive a 5% coupon code, 30% chance that they receive a 10% coupon code, 9% chance they’ll receive a 15% coupon code and 1% chance they’ll get a coupon that’s 100% of one product! How cool isn’t that!?

3. Quote/cost calculator

This bot can help your possible customers decide what kind of product or service they want. The bot will ask a sequence of questions and depending on what the user picks the bot will calculate what the price would be and then tell the user. When the sequence then is completed the bot will then send you an email to notify you and tell you about the possible prospect, his requirements and information about the business.

4. Help finding shoe size

If you’re selling shoes for example the shoe size can sometimes be a problem since the size is not the same everywhere and this causes a lot of returns. We can then setup a bot that will help Cinderella to find the shoe size that fits her perfectly so she can order the right size when she goes back to your website to purchase.

As you can see this is a versatile tool that can help almost any business to deliver content and increase their revenue while helping their customers to ease the inimaginable pain that comes with interacting with businesses online. Everything from gathering leads, guiding them through a process or helping them choose the product that is right for them. If you find this tool interesting and want us to create a bot for you don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to see if we can create something that fits you. You can try to create these bots yourself however it can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing, that is why we’re here to make this process easy and painless for you. Either contact us here on this website or take a journey through our bot to let us know what you want and we’ll contact you as soon as possible! Don’t miss out on this amazing new opportunity for your business!