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“I am passionate about empowering men and women to transform their lives, experience freedom and live the happy life they dream of”

Bella Elena Armstrong

What is critical for you to resolve right now in your life?

What is going to happen if you don’t resolve it?

If you feel stuck in a rut and don’t know how to sort it or can’t do it fast enough by yourself, a life coach could be the answer for you

Focus on the focus

Life coaching system to transform your life!

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Focus on the focus life coaching system



I am created in the most wonderful and intricate way possible. I was created to love and to contribute to the good of humanity. I have a unique purpose and my mission is to use my gifts to serve others.



I am the facilitator of the change that I want to see in the world. I am loved. I can make a difference to humanity, even if I start with 1 soul or action at a time.



I love my family, serve them and provide for their daily needs. I choose my friendships carefully knowing how important it is to be surrounded by people who love, accept and support me and whom receive the same from me.



I understand I (myself) and that helps me to keep in a good place mentally. I know myself and that helps me adjust my actions, emotions, and behaviors when I have ups and downs in order to find that happy balance in my life again.



I have been granted free will. I am releasing the need to know how everything is going to work out from the beginning to the end.



I can do everything through God who strengthens me. I know nothing is impossible and I have seen proof that when I come out of my comfort zone magic happens and I can achieve things I haven’t thought possible before.



I empower, help, coach and motivate people to transform their lives and live their dreams, because when I do that, I know I am walking in my destiny and my purpose.

Hi, I’m

Bella-Elena Armstrong

I am a certified Coach, certified NLP practitioner, Qualified Early Years Practitioner, Leadership and Management for Early Years and 0-18 Qualified Professional, Qualified in Counselling skills and Studies and have my own brand Focus on the focus®.

I conduct and create transformational workshops to evoke and empower people to focus on what they really want in their lives and take courageous action to achieve the life they are dreaming of ; to transform and re-invent their lives, give themselves the permission to be great and achieve their highest potential. Mindset beliefs are being explored in order to reveal what is holding them back, so that they could access strategies to use, to take them to achieving their goals.

Reviews for Bella-Elena’s Life Coaching


Corinna Rogers

When I first started working with Bella-Elena I felt stuck; unable to see how I could begin to rebuild my life following the death of my partner and best friend 2 years before. I felt her genuine care and commitment to meet me where I was at, then help me find the next steps to begin moving forwards. She listened – without judgement and with empathy – and was able to pick up on verbal cues that I did not realise I was giving, discerning from that what might be beneficial for me to think about and explore. She was not afraid to be honest, and suggested things to consider that at times I found challenging but was willing to work through. At the same time she was sensitive and adapted the sessions according to what was best for me at the time. She helped me to identify practical steps to focus on, which enabled me to process what had happened, reflect on how it had affected me and how I might learn from my experiences. She encouraged me to see how ‘negatives’ can be used and turned into positives and strengths. It is only the beginning for me, but I feel like Bella-Elena has given me tools and ideas to help me heal and hope again.


Tracy Magowan

This Wonderful service works ! It’s just amazing I found it truly valuable and Bella-Elena has a striking talent at this! If you are at a decision making point in your life or even if you are not I think everyone would benefit from her services. She is insightful and patient and will tune in to what you wish to achieve from coaching and with her courage and skills helps you focus on and move towards what you want in life, I was coming up to redundancy and knew I wanted more from my life and had made small moves but no bigger ripples to do so…She helped me to join all the dots and clarify what I want, what drives me in life and where I want to be in the future. Shifting mindset is crucial in taking new paths and Bella Elenas methods really work, are honest and above all kind. You can feel that she genuinely wants you to be happy and puts 100% into helping you achieve your goal she lights up as steps are made and actions taken she is genuinely with you on achieving your dream. I’m so happy with my change of direction! I feel lucky to have had this coaching thank you so much.


Ana Tomic

Our sessions were the answer I needed, to give me back my self-esteem and my focus.
So glad the distance is not a problem and you can reach anyone all over the world through technology like Skype.

I am a mother of 3 children and respected director in my business. Whilst at work I was succesful, in this aspect of my own personal life I felt like a failure. I was desperate for a solution. By that I mean, over several years, I struggled with the same problem of not knowing where I have placed my keys, my phone and my glasses, on a constant basis. It became a nightmare that was taking over my life. It would make me cry with frustration, especially those times when I was in a hurry to get somewhere or collect my children. It was very inconvenient, it knocked down my confidence. How could I be so competent in other situations but in this particular one I was constantly failing?

Your talent was to understand me straight away, without judging, just accepting my situation and finding solutions. I felt you were an amazing, careful listener, knowing how to find the core of the problem, not just about my focus but also about few other things I have mentioned. I think I had to accept that a pattern formed over the years and we needed few days to work on it. Since the practical tools you gave me exercising those mind techniques, I am transformed and feel good about myself.

Create a Clear Life Focus

Transformational Workshop
10am-1pm 19th January 2019

Be guided through the Focus on the focus strategy to create a clear focus for 2019 and an action plan to get you to reach your goals.