What our amazing clients are saying

Melanie Bundock


The saying you don’t know what you don’t know is so true. I had no idea that my old website was such a clunky inefficient mess. Whilst it looked ok on the outside, I didn’t realise how vulnerable it was to viruses and hackers.

When I hired Athena Design House to build me a new website, they not only created something that I was proud of, the team also understood how to integrate it fully with my entire business model. So not only do I have this amazing new website, I also have my entire business funnel built out too!

The work of Helene and the entire Athena Design team went way beyond creating me a beautiful website, they came up with gorgeous new branding, logo design and even totally transformed and optimised my You Tube channel (which is of course integrated into my website too)

With the additional services Athena provide, I feel so supported. Because they have got to know me and my business so well, they are able to create landing pages in super quick time.

What I love about Athena Design House is their extensive knowledge of not just the technical world, but the entrepreneurial and online marketing world. Helene’s knowledge of SEO, funnel building, design and branding is online anything I have ever come across.

Thank you so much Athena Design House!

Perfection Chocolates


What can I say, Helene and her team at Athena Design House have totally transformed our website. An website has to not only look appealing to customers, but has to be user friendly.

With our new website we have both. Sales have increased already and the feedback from our customers has been amazing. We love our new website, Helene has given us exactly what we wanted, something that reflected the history and traditions of Perfection Chocolates and a glimpse into a new era for the business. The service we received from Helene and her team was amazing and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Inga Deksne


I was always proud of the fact that I managed to build my websites myself. I thought that I didn’t need a website designer because my website looked was more or less presentable, I was able to take payments, what else do you need? My friends recommended me Helene from the Athena Designs. When I saw what Helene did to my page I wanted to buy from me, the transformation of my website was remarkable. My website required a total makeover. I am a super grateful and happy customer because Helene works fast, she is able to provide solutions that I was not aware of. She is not just a skillful Web Designer, she is my Strategic Business Partner.

Is it good, let me know if you want me to add something or change and you are true Goddess thank you for being you

Olivera Bobuiescu


You are extremely good at what you are doing and an awesome coach, mentor and friend

Anna Ritar


You are the best! Just wanted to say that.

Chocolate Johnny


When I launched my online course, I needed a new website in super quick time. What Helene and her team delivered totally blew me away. Helene understood my needs and knew exactly what I wanted when it came to design and branding. As well as creating a beautiful website, Helene also created an amazing sales page. Her knowledge of SEO and online marketing is amazing.

I thoroughly recommend Athena Design House



Wahoo another sales record, super happy. Thank you for everything you do. I got so many new customers

Anne Lionett

Last week I was so lucky to win a 15-min free coaching session, with Helene Thituson.

Helene is defiantly a super prof SEO specialist, she managed to give me and my husband Henrik, lots of great and useful data on how to search for the best keywords, how to lift our rank, how to get people interested in the product we want to launch and much more.

I can really recommend Helene for her ability to explain complex matters like this, in a simple and effective way-and for taking the time doing this.

Helena Hansson

“Create your own youtube channel. Is it possible? Yes, love the training that YouTopia Star, Todd Svenonius providing. Educational setup and amazing support. Easy training in his YouTube Course Online where I was able to access the material at my own pace.

Quick support when I encountered problem and needed extra help. A super education that I can warmly recommend and I look forward to continuing to develop along with YouTopia Star. “

Lisa Nichols


There’s a reason my team nickname Helene “The Goddess”. She is the dictionary definition of a woman who is greatly admired for her skill and beauty!

Athena Design House were able to turn a sad and slow old site into a high-functioning thing of beauty in no time. Many years of experience in the field mean they can see at a glance where your problems lie and just how to cure them.

They are that rare combination of tech geeks and design gurus so you not only have the latest in high performance sites but it also looks gorgeous too.

These guys are smart, fast and really know what they are doing.

Tjocka Tanten i stan


So pleased with the support of my website, Tjockatantenistan.se. Collaborated with Helene since 2006, and since then she has been providing all the updates, technology and support required for my website.

She is always upto date on the latest when it comes to webdesign and internet marketing.

She keep sending me tips on the changes and news due to the fact that everything changes so quickly on the internet and social media today.

All of this allows me to focus on my interest – to write.

All the technology, updating and support I put my trust in Helene.